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Whether you are renovating or are interested in new floors, we can help you choose the right flooring or service for your needs. Hardwood flooring is not only a design choice, it is an environmentally smart choice. Wood floors are a renewable resource, environmentally friendly and can improve air quality in your home because they don't trap dust pollen and other allergens; reducing allergies due to dust. Hardwood flooring is a natural lifetime product, appreciated for easy maintenance and longevity. Hardwood floors offer not only solid beauty but solid value as well. Wood floors increase the value of a home or business, and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. If you think you can't afford wood flooring, think again!!

Hardwood flooring costs less in the long run than other types of flooring and is easier to maintain. Besides adding warmth, beauty and elegance it will increase your home's value immediately. Hardwood floors are also able to be repaired if damaged.

Services we provide:

Demolition: The entire floor - even the sub floor - can be removed to prepare for new installation. Heights of existing floors need to be determined to assure that there is an even underlayment.

Installation: There are basically three types of hardwood floors on the market today: Unfinished, prefinished and laminate.
1) Unfinished wood flooring is available in a large variety of woods; oak - red & white; maple, ash, pine and many exotics. Unfinshed floors require sanding, a sealer coat of finish and a top coat.
2) Pre-finished, as the name applies, comes with the finish already applied and does not need sanding (or the dust) of a unfinshed floor. It is sandable, (up to three times) so it is able to be resurfaced and repaired.
3) Laminates are just that, laminated to an under-base. They are not able to be refinished.

Sanding & finishing: These steps are required for unfinshed woods and existing floors that need to be refinished. Your installer will help you determine which finish is best for your specific needs.

Re-coating: Many times, all that an existing floor needs is to be re-surfaced, This is a procedure in which the surface of the floor is "screened" and simply re-coated with finish. It is best to have a professional assess the the floor to determine if re-coating is an option.

Finishes: Quality Hardwood Floors provides three of the most common finishes available: a "swedish" finish which comes in matte, semi-gloss and a gloss finish. A water-based finish is also available in addition to a poly-urethane finish.

Special installations: We also provide other flooring options such as stairs, treads and risers and borders installed to match your new and/or existing floors. Once again, it is best to have an on-site evaluation and estimate.