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Why choose hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors are one of the most stunning additions you can add to your home. They add natural warmth and beauty in addition to the benefits of allergen control and an increased home value in today's competitve housing market. Wood is comfortable to walk on and is durable and easy to maintain. It is ideal in kitchens as well as living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms. It can also provide better acoustics than many other options.

Do you give free, in-home estimates?

Yes. Each home or commercial environment can have unique and specific needs. It is best to do an on-site evaluation to get an estimate that is fair and accurate.

Are you licensed and bonded?

Yes, we are bonded and licensed. Our contractors number is #QU-AL-350-NM

Do you do insurance work?

Yes, we will provide a written quote that you can provide to your insurance carrier.

How do I care for my hardwood floors?


-Use "Swiffers" or a dry dust mop to trap and remove dust & grit effectively.
-Vacuum frequently to remove dirt which can build up on floor surfaces and scratch the finish.
-Lift furniture when moving; never drag.
-Be careful to not drop items which can dent a wood surface.
-Wait at least 24 hours before placing any furniture onto a newly refinished floor.
-Use felt caster protectors to soften furniture's contact with the wood floor.
-Wait seven days before putting down area rugs. The finish needs exposure to air to properly cure and harden.
-Clean spills immediately to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful finish.


-Do not wet mop a wood floor. Too much water can cause wood to expand and buckle.
-Don't use any product which is not designed for today's finishes. Us a neutral pH product specifically for wood floors. "Woodwise" or household vinegar (1 cup to 1 gallon) works as a wonderful cleaner for everyday cleaning.
-Do not use throw rugs with vinyl or rubber backings. Some backing materials can react to certain floor finishes, causing discoloring or dull surfaces.
- It is best to monitor the amount of sun that shines onto a wood floor. As a natural product, wood can be discolored by intense sun rays and should be protected with sheer curtains or drapes.
-NEVER apply wax or use any cleaner that contains wax to a floor finished with "swedish" finish or poly-urethane. Again, only use products specifically developed for your type of floor finish.